Top 3 Provisions by Seychelles Resorts

Best resort in Seychelles for honeymoon are termed the best not only for the way they decorate the rooms but also for how and what services they provide. Here are the top 3 provisions by Seychelles resorts that make you stay a bit comfortable.

Four seasons Seychelles makes Availability of easy cabs

The best thing that the resort can do for you is connecting you to the public transportation, which further allow you the vet to get a chance to connect with the natives. Apart from this, others who do not like the same, for them resorts can make the provision of cabs. These resorts also make the cabs available for you. You might book these from resort to go to the airport or any of the nearby tourist attraction. This will save you of the discomfort that you otherwise might have to suffer.

Availability of parking

If you are from a nearby place and are driving in here, then you must make it a point to ensure that the resort has ample parking to offer to you that too free of cost. If not free of cost, then it should be a little affordable at least. Checking the availability as well as pricing on the parking at the resort saves you from not only facing any inconvenience but at the make time also, from ending up spending thousands on parking. Many of the resorts have the parking that comes with a tag to pay.

Availability of buffet

There are many of the resorts that pay you for feeding you with the breakfast but most provide you the breakfast complimentary. You need to make it a point to see if the resort that you are booking makes the breakfast available free of cost or you need to pay.  In case it is paid then going in for a buffet makes more sense.

Wrapping up, these are the top 3 provisions by Seychelles resorts. Though most of the resorts do make these available yet there is no harm if you also conduct a little research work to know whether your resort does or not.


Must Do Before Booking Hotel

To find out the best place to stay in Seychelles there is a little research work that you are expected to do. Seychelles island packages will give you most of the information about your stay and mostly correct but a few can surely be manipulated by them. Therefore, for a perfect Seychelles honeymoon, it is necessary for you to tally the top 3 must do’s before booking hotel.

Be Sure of the Hotel Location

One of the most important things that you must check prior to booking the hotel is the location of the same. There are many packages that will highlight either the main or the nearby location of the hotel but never the exact. You need to find out this exact location so that later you do not have to face any problem. The hotel with the best location is the one that is close to all the places of tourist attraction and places of importance like the market and hospitals.

Check Services Given

To get all at the price that you are paying for the hotel stay, you need to see what all services is the hotel providing within the cost. Is it just the cost of the hotel room? Or is there anything complimentary that you will get with the same? Go in for the hotel that values your money. All the required facilities and services are a must for the hotel to offer at that price. Also, check if the services like car rentals or the tour guide, dine or parking etcetera is available or not.

Go Through the Reviews

It is not the hotel website that can give you the exact insight of the hotel but the reviews left there by the visitors that will let you have the true picture of the hotel. Do not forget to read or go through these reviews and do take all of them seriously besides what your tour package provider has to tell you. Also, if your near or dear one has been to the place then do take his opinion also.

Wrapping up, these are the top 3 must do’s before booking hotel. Doing these will ensure that you have a good stay at the hotel.

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Top 3 Must Haves in Seychelles Hotels

Seychelles tour packages that are the best will arrange your stay at hotels that can meet all your demands. Here are the top 3 must haves in Seychelles hotels.

Six senses Seychelles Allowance for elongated stay

At times it so happens that you need to delay your exit from the hotel owing to certain reasons. It is at this point when you get to see the decency of a hotel. The one that is decent, understanding your problem, allows you to have a longer stay without charging for it. However, the ones out there for only money making will charge you for the extra stay. The hotels here do not do this. You can check out a little late but if you inform the authorities a little early, the effort would surely be appreciated. As a favour, you always have the upper hand o tip the concierge.

Room with good views

Here at the hotels you will never land up getting a hotel room that has a crumby view to offer to you. the hotels maintain the standards of providing you the stay where you get to enjoy the place not only when you are out exploring the same but also when you are sitting inside the hotel room having a peep outside the window. Hotels here know that this is the utmost thing required to keep the guests happy. As a matter of surety, prior to booking you can tell your view preferences to the hotel authorities.

No hidden extras

Another aspect of the good hotels out here is that they have the clarity in each and every aspect. There are no hidden fees or any extra city taxes or the extra VAT. This seems to be one of the most annoying aspects of a visit at any place. But here you are told well in advance the amount of money that you are required to pay for the stay and all the other things that are excluded. There are no added extras be it the Wi-Fi or the parking.

Wrapping up, these are the top 3 must haves in Seychelles hotels.

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Top 3 Must Haves in Affordable Hotels in Seychelles Island

Seychelles holiday packages are the best that can be availed in the present scenario. There is a lot that you can explore at this place but the best part remains the comfortable stay at a foreign place. be it the luxury or the affordable accommodations ta this place, all have certain features to cater to the needs of the guest. here are the top 3 must haves in Affordable hotels in Seychelles island.

Avani Seychelles provide Detailed room services

Room service is the one aspect of the hotel services that can make a lot of difference. From providing a descriptive menu in the room to facilitating some personnel who strictly sits to take the orders over phone is what makes all the difference.  Ranging from on time delivery of the food to on time clearing of the tables, there is a lot that guests can expect of you.

Skilled housekeeping

Housekeeping needs to be skilled and at the same time well. They need to be so trained that they are ready to excel. A spirit of taking pride in the craft that rare people can do like that of housekeeping needs to be instilled in them so as to get the best output at work. Good hotels pay attention towards hiring the staff that indulges in detail-oriented work as these are the details that makes all the difference.

Hotel staff believes in team work

Seamless services can only be provided if all the members of the hotel are in harmony with each other. The efficient and good hotels make it a point to develop healthy relationships among their staff so that there is no issue at the work place. Hotels here have recruited the staff who are not only skilled but at the same time intuitive as well as committed to their work. This further helps to create memorable experience for the guests.

Wrapping up, these are the top 3 must haves in Affordable hotels in Seychelles Island. In case you are planning to visit the same then one thing that for sure you will not have to face is problem in finding a decent place to stay.

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Top 3 Must Do Things in Seychelles On Honeymoon

Whether it is the pleasures of the beauty of the place offer the flavors of Six senses Seychelles you will enjoy each and every part of your stay at Seychelles. For visitors in general and for those planning Seychelles honeymoon there is a lot that the place has to offer to you. Here are the top 3 must do things in Seychelles on honeymoon.

Comfortable stay at Four seasons Seychelles

The rooms in almost all the hotels at this place are not only spacious but at the same time are fully equipped with all the essentials for comfortable living. You get each and everything within the room. The rooms have a beautiful furnishing and equipment that are important. One thing that you must not forget is to enjoy the recreational activities made available by the hotel authorities.

Enjoy flavors of Six senses Seychelles

After a comfortable stay comes the delicious food. This place has a lot to offer in terms of food and drink. You will not only get the native food here but at the same time you can enjoy the international fast food of all the types. Be it the dine it or take away, you have options of all the things.

Tourist attractions

There is a lot to do and visit at the place. Do not forget asking your package provider to take you to all the places that are the attractions of the place. Whether far or near ensure that you do not miss out visiting any of the place that has something worthwhile to offer to you. There are a lot of places here so do make a check list and follow the same.

All in all, these are the top 3 must do things in Seychelles on honeymoon. Having done all the three there is nothing much left that you will regret not having done. The trip to this place is for sure going to be the most memorable for you and you are going to carry huge memories that is going to blossom your newly build relationship.

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Top 3 Most Essential Features of 5 Star Resorts

5 star hotels in Seychelles are in demand among most of the visitors due to several reasons. Staying in Seychelles resorts can turn to be a great experience for you if you tend to book the right resort. Here are the top 3 most essential features of 5 star resorts.

Quality of Service at Avani seychelles

The 5 star is the one that provides you the consistent as well as the most exceptional service. This is one of the most important distinguishing features that differentiate a 5 star from others. Here you will find a highly trained staff that is able to anticipate your requirements as a guest. They ensure quality delivery of the customized service. All the staff members are courteous and attentive in addition to being intuitive and delighted to help you with.

Attentive staff

The staff is ready to help you 24*7. Here you will be able to acknowledge the readily available staff that will make your presence feel appreciated. There will be brief queues if any and all your phone calls will be answered hastily. The services and the provider will be highly attentive to meet your needs on time. The five-star status that the resorts enjoy is owing to the hard work of the employees to a great extent.

Customized Service

You are greeted by your name right at the arrival at the front desk, and will continue to be so throughout your stay at such hotels. All this is to ensure a high level of personalization that no other hotels can provide. All your preferences are immediately acknowledged by the hotel and the staff. The special requests that you must have made on your previous visit are also considered and noted. This perspective of the personalization that you get here is an indicator of genuine welcome.

All in all, these are the top 3 most essential features of 5 star resorts. These are the points relevant enough for you to choose the 5 star over any other if you really wish to enjoy the enriching stay at a place.

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Top 3 Must Haves in Best Place to Stay in Seychelles

People in recent times have been booking more of Seychelles tour packages. All the credit goes to the natural beauty of the place and the comforts of Affordable hotels in Seychelles island. Here are the top 3 must have features in Best place to stay in Seychelles

Great products and services

Be it in terms of the physical product or the services that you get to enjoy, here the hotels are efficient in provision of both. Paying for these hotels are going to get you almost the equivalent facilities that you get when you pay for the expensive luxury-hotels.

Furnished rooms

Apart from offering you the charming décor that has an element of elegance in it these hotels also provide you beautiful furnishings that pays good heed to the details. Be it the guestroom or the suites, all are decorated beautifully with these quality and aesthetically appealing furnishings. The designs of the same are consistent offering ample space having either large queen or the king sized beds, along with the premium bedding. Also, the bath products are good.

Dependable food and room service

Coming to the food, rooms that you book are inclusive of the breakfast and you also get the free high-speed internet. You also get an access to the minibar and a much needed room service menu. This menu is the same as the one that the restaurant has. You get the room service even at odd hours. At almost all the places to stay here, you can find the best dining experience. You are served exactly with what you are informed. You get to enjoy a vast breakfast buffet in addition to all the types and diverse flavoured dining options.

All in all, these are the top 3 must haves in Best place to stay in Seychelles. Apart from this, you also get the free access to a variety of diverse recreational amenities that comes inclusive of tennis courts and spa services besides a swimming pool. These are things good enough to make a place sufficient for you.

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